The TOERNEE GENERAL label has become a classic: a common selection by the KVS and the Théâtre National, a fine, varied range of what both theatres have on offer in the upcoming season. Today we go a step further: the KVS and the Théâtre National are coproducing - with several other theatre houses - the new work by Brussels icon and KVS face Jaco Van Dormael: Amor

Do you wanna play with me - Sylvie Landuyt / KVS
Dernier lit - Christophe Sermet / Rideau de Bruxelles & KVS
Kuzikiliza - Skinfama, KVS & ARSENAAL/LAZARUS

Selection TOERNEE GENERAL at Théâtre National:
Amor - Michèle Anne De May & Jaco Van Dormael / Astragales asbl & KVS
Menuet - Fabrice Murgia & Daan Janssens / LOD muziektheater
Five Easy Pieces - Milo Rau / IIPM / Campo

Tickets can only be purchased from the theatre where the production takes place – at the box office, by phone and online.