We Orchestrate Words - WOW: Brussels Jazz Orchestra ft. Laryssa Kim, Joy, Zed Soul’Art & FutureFantastic

Brussels Jazz Orchestra & KVS

The Brussels Jazz Orchestra is launching into an experiment with the KVS: We Orchestrate Words, from jazz through slam to hip hop and back. Leading orchestra meets urban artists. In the first session these are Laryssa Kim, Gioia Kayaga aka Joy, Zed Soul’Art and, to round off, FutureFantastic.

We Orchestrate Words – WOW for short – is an incubator for fresh and innovative discoveries on Brussels’ urban scene. WOW eagerly draws inspiration from a variety of cultures and genres and is fuelled by improvisation. Young artists collaborate with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra: spoken word artists rap, scat and create silky-smooth rhymes, the jazz orchestra responds and adds compositional structure, while turntablists and soundscape artists do their thing. Worlds are interwoven into a contemporary soundtrack for the Brussels metropolis.


Laryssa Kim: vocalist, composer, sound designer and performance artist. In her performances and improvisations she uses live electronics to create hypnotic, surreal and dreamlike soundscapes.

Joy Slam: Gioia Frolli from Brussels studied Romance literature and in 2013 won the Prix Paroles Urbaines from the French Community (Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles) for slam poetry. Joy Slam is a rising star on the socially engaged slam poetry circuit.

Zed Soul’Art: the producer, writer and performing artist Zed is also known as Zediam. He is now a member of the Soul’Art group.

FutureFantastic: Raskal The Supersoniccruiser and Zamiz form together FutureFantastic Turntable Wizardry. They create scratches, sound and music from a different planet.

Brussels Jazz Orchestra: the BJO performs jazz with a dynamic orchestral sound that’s rooted in the jazz tradition. It is the only large professional jazz orchestra in Belgium and has a reputation that stretches from Singapore to New York, being a welcome guest at festivals and concert venues all over the world. The group’s recordings, a total of 20 CDs so far, are internationally acclaimed and have won several prizes. In February 2012 the orchestra shared in the Oscar won by the silent film The Artist, as one of the performers of the film music. Their Wild Beauty CD with Joe Lovano was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2014. The Brussels Jazz Orchestra was set up in 1993 and its artistic head is Frank Vaganée.


26.01.2017 - Bruzz - Brussels Jass Orchestra mixes up with urban talent
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