Esmé Bos & Bart Voet

wiegelied (Lullaby) is a delightful, intimate concert for young children, with the most beautiful bedtime songs and lullabies from around the world. In Lullaby, Esmé Bos & Bart Voet present a collection of the first songs sung especially for you when you’re baby, toddler or pre-schooler. They comfort, calm, give hope and compassion. Mothers and fathers around the world sing them to their babies, children and occasionally to each other.

Songs from very close, though sometimes they come from far away.
Songs from the source.
Songs that matter.

The fine combination of singer Esmé Bos and musician Bart Voet creates a delightful musical world: pure, touching, authentic and disarming. For many years they have worked together with Geert De Wit, who is responsible for the lighting and sound.

An intimate concert of great quality.


"Childhood is like the pizza crust of your existence. And if it is not baked with love all the adult things will sink to the bottom. I find that all too often people think of children in clichés and underestimate them." (Joke Van Leeuwen)

Esme & Bart endorse these words and would like to contribute to them through Lullaby: an unforgettable concert of lullabies created with love and performed for the first time – at least for the little ones.

€ 9 (volwassenen/adultes/adults)
€ 5 (kinderen -12jaar/enfants -12 ans/children under 12)
NL / FR / EN