Free on 8 May

KVS & Théâtre National
Mon 08.05.2023 20:00 - 22:15
KVS, Brussels
20:00 - 22:15
Past event

With our neighbours at Théâtre National, KVS wants to commemorate the resistance against fascism. An evening full of interventions with guests including theatre creator and writer Martha Balthazar, musician Tcha Limberger, and Doctor of Law, Holocaust survivor and jazz pianist Simon Gronowski.

Resistance starts by asking a question, as the wise poet Remco Campert remarked. Why do we know so few of the heroes who fought and died for freedom in World War II? On 8 May 1945, Nazi Germany officially surrendered. Freedom celebrations erupted across Europe. 8 May remained an official holiday for many years, until it was abolished in Belgium in the seventies.

Elsewhere in Europe, 8 May is still celebrated in remembrance of the restoration of peace, democracy and freedom, including the freedom of artists. That’s why we, as artist, now join the fray to reinstate 8 May as a day to commemorate and celebrate our fragile freedoms.

We won’t wait for the official decision on the extra holiday, but start our celebratory commemoration regardless. In our cultural institutions and associations, and in as many communities as possible. With performances, concerts, interviews, debates, documentaries, … all about then and now. Because what’s the value in remembrance if we do not dare to talk about today as well?

Free on 8 May

We commemorate occupation and resistance and celebrate freedom.


KVS, Théâtre National, Toneelhuis, De Studio, 30CC, ARSENAAL/LAZARUS, Cinema Zed, Antwerps Kunstenoverleg, Mechels Kunstenoverleg, Construct Europe, Compagnie Tartaren, De Grote Post, De Snuffel, Erfgoedhuis Nazareth, fABULEUS, Gents Kunstenoverleg, Hart Boven Hard, Het nieuwstedelijk, Het Kwartier, LUCA School of Arts, Theater Antigone, OPEK, Stadshal Gent, De Nieuwe Zaal en Fort van Breendonk bundelen hun krachten voor Vrij op 8 mei.


Najar Lahouari

Milady Renoir

Igor Shyshko

Simon Gronowski

Tcha Limberger

Maia Chauvier

Martha Balthazar

Eva Kamanda

Lisetta Ma Neza & Peter Somuah


MET DEELNAME VAN / UN SPECTACLE DE / A SHOW BY Andreas Crommelinck, Annabelle Van Nieuwenhuyse, Albina Vakhitova, Grim Mignon, Eva Kamanda, Hannah Berrada, Igor Shyshko, Jonathan Deneck, Lisette Ma Neza, Maia Chauvier, Martha Balthazar, Milady Renoir, Modou Ndiaye, Najar Lahouari, Peter Somuah, Simon Gronowski, Tcha Limberger, Toon Acke COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTIONThéâtre National IN SAMENWERKING MET / EN COLLABORATION AVEC / IN COLLABORATION WITH 8 Mei Coalitie, Brussels2030