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Benjamin Attahir, La Monnaie/ De Munt & KVS

With his sublimely disturbing theatre works, the Belgian Nobel laureate Maurice Maeterlinck laid the groundwork for the 20th century theatre. Today, his Trois petits drames pour marionettes form the libretto for a new opera, commissioned by la Monnaie. Entitled Le silence des ombres, French composer-donductor Benjamin Attahir and director Olivier Lexa opt decisively for the invisible and the unsayable to recreate a triptych of repression bursting to escape. 


The Queen, who has complete control over her servants and people, has killed most of the Tintagiles family. Now she is after the small boy himself. His sisters Ygraine and Bellangère do everything in their power to try and protect him, but nobody has ever managed to escape the menacing force that resides in the castle...


The Old Man and the Stranger appear outside a house in which a family can be seen through the windows. Their daughter’s body has just been recovered from the river where she drowned. The two Men are running out of time: a crowd is approaching from the village with the body. How should they break the news?


The wise old King Ablamore falls in love with a young slave, Alladine, but he doesn’t deceive himself: “The sadness of love that comes too late”. Enter Palomides, the fiancé of his daughter, Astolaine. One look and he, too, instantly falls in love with Alladine. Astolaine reproachlessly supports the lovers’ treason against the vengeful Ablamore.

Le silence des ombres is a creation commissioned by la Monnaie, premiering at KVS.

"When we really have something to say to each other, we are obliged to be silent." Maurice Maeterlinck

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Season's opening 2019


The evening shows start promptly at 7.30pm. Latecomers will only be admitted during the break.


25.09.2019 - introduction starts at 7 pm
27.09.2019 - introduction starts at 7 pm
29.09.2019 - introduction starts at 2:30 pm
02.10.2019 - introduction starts at 7 pm
04.10.2019 - introduction starts at 7 pm
06.10.2019 - introduction starts at 2:30 pm


AUTEUR / ÉCRIVAIN / AUTHOR Maurice Maeterlinck IN OPDRACHT VAN / COMMANDE PAR / COMMISSIONED BY La Monnaie DIRIGENT / CONDUCTEUR / CONDUCTOR Benjamin Attahir REGISSEUR / MISE EN SCENE / DIRECTOR Olivier Lexa SPEL / JEU / CAST Julia Szproch, Raquel Camarinha, Clémence Poussin, Renaud Delaigue, Morgane Heyse, Sarah Théry, Pierre Derhet, Sébastien Dutrieux, Luc Van Grunderbeeck MUZIEK / MUSIQUE / MUSIC La Monnaie Chamber Orchestra SCENOGRAFIE & KOSTUUMS / SCÉNOGRAPHIE & COSTUMES / SET DESIGN & COSTUMES Milena Forest, Clémentine Gomez Geil, Charlotte Hermant, Arnaud Mathieu, Léa Pelletier, Gabrielle Ritz, Marco Sanchis, Lynn Scheidweiler, Charlotte Seegmüller, students of the scenography department of École Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Visuels de La Cambre, supervised by Véronique Leyens & Simon Siegmann LICHT / LUMIÈRES LIGHTING Alexander Koppelmann PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION La Monnaie COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel (Waterloo), Les Théâtres De La Ville De Luxembourg, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera COREALISATIE / COREALISATION La Monnaie, KVS MET DE STEUN VAN / AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Enoa & Creative Europe Programme of The European Union