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Peeping Tom, KVS, Teatre Nacional De Catalunya/Grec Festival De Barcelona, Theater Im Pfalzbau

Following the chilling Vader (2014) directed by Franck Chartier, and the enchanting Moeder (2016) by Gabriela Carrizo, Peeping Tom now completes the trilogy with Kind. This third part of the triptych once again focuses on the hidden emotions in family constellations, this time through the eyes of a child.


Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier are directing together this time and completely immerse themselves in the perspective of the child. Every action in Kind is initiated by the way children look at the world, by their fears and desires.

The choreographers are fascinated by the way children and youngsters move. They investigate how the view of a child changes as it grows up and makes its way to adolescence and adulthood – with all the apposite choices, pressures, doubts and physical changes. How does that translate in their gestures and body language?

Is part of the parcours:
> Dance

As with previous productions, Peeping Tom puts various generations and figurants on stage together, from children to parents and grandparents.

Everything we see on stage is the result of thorough investigation. Peeping Tom collaborates with schools, homes and shelters to come into contact with children from very different back- grounds: privileged, disadvantaged, interrupted, orphaned or refugeed. All of this to create as complete an image as possible of the mental world of the child, and to reach new insights in the process.



CONCEPT & REGIE / CONCEPTION & MISE EN SCENE / CONCEPT & DIRECTION Gabriela Carrizo, Franck Chartier CREATIE & UITVOERING / CRÉATION & EXÉCUTION / CREATION & PERFORMANCE& Eurudike De Beul, Marie Gyselbrecht, Hun-Mok Jung, Brandon Lagaert, Yi-Chun Liu, Maria Carolina Vieira ARTISTIEKE ASSISTENTIE / ASSISTANCE ARTISTIQUE / ARTISTIC ASSISTANCE Lulu Tikovsky GELUIDSONTWERP / CONCEPTION SON / SOUND DESIGN Raphaëlle Latini, Hjorvar Rognvaldsson, Renaud Crols, Annalena Fröhlich, Fhun Gao, Peeping Tom GELUIDSMIX / MIX SON / SOUND MIX Yannick Willockx, Peeping Tom LICHTONTWERP / CONCEPTION LUMIÈRE / LIGHT DESIGN Amber Vandenhoeck, Sinan Poffyn (Intern), Peeping Tom DECORONTWERP / CONCEPTION DE DÉCOR / SET DESIGN Justine Bougerol, Peeping Tom CONSTRUCTIE DECORS / CONSTRUCTION DE DÉCOR / SET CONSTRUCTION KVS-Atelier, Flora Facto, Peeping Tom KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES Lulu Tikovsky, Yi-Chun Liu, Nina Lopez Le Galliard (Intern), Peeping Tom TECHNISCHE LEIDING / DIRECTION TECHNIQUE / TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT Filip Timmerman REKWISIETEN / ACCESSOIRES / PROPS Nina Lopez Le Galliard (Intern), Silvio Palomo (Intern) TOURMANAGEMENT / CHARGÉE DE TOURNÉE / TOUR MANAGEMENT Lulu Tikovsky PRODUCTIEMANAGEMENT / DIRECTION DE PRODUCTION / PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT An Van Der Donckt COMMUNICATIE & PUBLIC RELATIONS / COMMUNICATION & RÉLATIONS PUBLIQUES / COMMUNICATION & PR Sebastien Parizel ZAKELIJKE LEIDING / DIRECTEUR ADMINISTRATIF / GENERAL MANAGER Veerle Mans PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION Peeping Tom PRODUCTIEPARTNERS / PARTENAIRES DE PRODUCTION / PRODUCTION PARTNERS KVS, Teatre Nacional De Catalunya/Grec Festival De Barcelona, Theater Im Pfalzbau (Ludwigshafen) COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION Les Theatres De La Ville De Luxembourg, Desingel, Theatre De La Ville Paris/Maison Des Arts De Creteil, Maison De La Culture De Bourges, Festival Aperto/Fondazione I Teatri (Reggio Emilia), La Rose Des Vents (Villeneuve D’ascq), Theatre De Caen, Gessnerallee Zurich, Julidans Amsterdam, La Batie – Festival De Geneve MET STEUN VAN / AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF De Vlaamse Overheid & De Tax Shelter Maatregel Van De Belgische Federale Overheid Spreiding / Distribution Frans Brood Productions MET DANK AAN / MERCI A / THANKS TO Heloise Da Costa, Theater Froefroe, Institu Del Teatre, Jan Daems, Leen Mertens, Uma Victoria Chartier, Ina Peeters & Figuranten / Extras: Farners, Eva, Elmo, Vera, Roger, Raisa, Merce, Xefo, Amadeo, Rita, Gloria, Ariadne, Jonah, Sille, Leandro, Flo, Grace, Luke, Lucie, Cyril, Jill, Jan, An, Octavia, Germaine


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