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Nimis Groupe

At a time when every year thousands of people die at the gates of Fort Europe, Nimis Groupe takes us on a dreamy, intriguing and deeply human journey.

Following the experiences of a young woman who, like so many others, left everything she knew behind to travel to the Eldorado of Europe, in this performance you experience the great crossing like those who have been denied the right to live. In the background, the question looms: is there any humanity left on this continent when it comes to our immigration policy?

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Nimis Groupe doesn’t play the sentimental card, but meticulously analyses the requirements for an entry ticket to European soil. The speeches of leaders who clarify the true economic interests of Europe are no cause for laughter… Carried by a collective energy, this razor-sharp performance plays with the surreal aspects of current situations, always letting humanity take centre stage.


CONCEPT & REGIE / CONCEPTION & MISE EN SCÈNE / CONCEPT & DIRECTION David Botbol, Romain David, Jérôme De Falloise, Yaël Steinmann, Anne-Sophie Sterck, Sarah Testa & Anja Tillberg UITVOERING / ECRITURE & JEU / PERFORMANCE Samuel Banen-Mbih, Dominique Bela, David Botbol, Romain David, Jérôme De Falloise, Tiguidanké Diallo, Hervé Durand Botnem, Yaël Steinmann, Anne-Sophie Sterck, Sarah Testa, Anja Tillberg, Olga Tshiyuka & Jeddou Abdel Wahab ALGEMENE COÖRDINATIE / COORDINATION GÉNÉRALE / GENERAL MANAGEMENT Édith Bertholet ASSISTENTEN / ASSISTANTS Pierrick De Luca & Sarah Hebborn PUBLIEKSWERKING / MÉDIATRICE CULTURELLE & LIEN ASSOCIATIF / AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Olivia Harkay VIDEO / VIDÉO Yaël Steinmann, Matthieu Bourdon LICHT / LUMIÈRE / LIGHTING Pierre Clément & Alice Dussart KOSTUUMS / COSTUMES / COSTUMES Édith Bertholet TECHNISCH MANAGER / DIRECTEUR TECHNIQUE / TECHNICAL MANAGER Nicolas Marty TONEELMEESTERS / RÉGIE / STAGE MANAGERS Florent Arsac & Gauthier Roumagne PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION Nimis Groupe COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION Théâtre National/Bruxelles, Le Groupov, Arsenic 2, Le Festival Sens Interdits (Lyon), Le Festival De Liège, La Chaufferie-Acte1 MET DE STEUN VAN / AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Tnb (Rennes), L’ancre/Charleroi, Le Théâtre De La Croix-Rousse (Lyon), L’esact (Liège), Le Théâtre De Liège, Migreurop, L’université De Liège Et La Halte (Liège)
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