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Fri 27.03.2020 - Fri 03.04.2020


Pitcho Womba Konga / KVS

One day, to everyone's astonishment, someone drops a match in the powder keg and everything blows up. All the tears that were cried and the blood that was shed by collateral victims, who were used to make a society into a powerful state, have changed into fuel. And one match suffices. Words by James Baldwin (1924-1987) who also wrote the pamphlet The Fire Next Time in 1963, in an America mesmerised by human rights movements. Until today, his writing conveys a rare intensity, sensitivity and thruthfulness. 

The text is a warning for society, but at the same time it contains an assignment: "It's up to all of us, black and white, to make sure the match isn't lit."

Baldwin put a new generation of black men and women on the map. He created a new awareness around the difficulties they experienced because of their skin colour and because they grew up in a society that constantly and violently pushed them to the brink of humanity. 

Between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, James Baldwin presented a different, complimentary perspective. He took a more introspective position. He belonged to no one and everyone. In his writing racial, sexual and social questions intersect. He refused to believe in a strict divide between good and bad, among other insulting oversimplifications. But he did speak about the America of his time unflinchingly. That same America still dominates our news today. 

Inspired by this masterpiece, artist and director Pitcho Womba Konga investigates the various questions that arose when he first read the text. What does 'community' mean? Is identity fed through our personal or collective experiences? Is there a black people for whom 'negritude' forms a sort of country? A people who search for themselves within the confines of the race they have been condemned to? 

With music, chant, slam, dance and theatre, Fire Will Become Ashes, But Not Now wants to be a crossover between various disciplines. That way it wants to offer differents views on issues that should concern all of us to the same extent if we want to learn to coexist better. 

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TEKST & REGIE / TEXTE & MISE EN SCÈNE / TEXT & DIRECTION Pitcho Womba Konga & KVS COREGIE / CO MISE EN SCÈNE / CODIRECTION Mike Van Alfen MET / AVEC / WITH Awoulath Alougbin, Jessie Fasano, Karim Kalonji, Samantha Mavinga, Junior Caupenne (Jhaya La Vogue), Pitcho Womba Konga, David Yassine (Penkyx) MET DE STEUN VAN / AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE / WITH THE SUPPORT OF Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government


03.04.2020 - Aftertalk with Pitcho Womba Konga