Tue 18.06.2019 - Wed 19.06.2019
master direction


Tiago Vieira / RITCS

Trummer is a multidisciplinary spectacle, in a post-war landscape ruins. Pénélope decides to build funerary monuments for her heroes: PIER PAOLO PASOLINI, JEAN GENET, AL BERTO, SOPHIE PODOLSKI, ARTHUR RIMBAUD, PINA BAUSCH while dialoguing with the memory and with voices/ghosts that the performers will be on the scene.

Look at the ruins, look for a new beginning, the desire for reinvention. Nietzsche announced the death of God, now Pénélope needs to announce the death of society.

Trummer has the poetic violence of a declaration of love. Pénélope pursues her marginal movement to build a new vision because as the dancing philosopher Zaratrusta says: 'Man is something that must be overcome. Reinventing love is for me at this moment the great artistic gesture.'

(Entrance through the back entry of KVS BOL) 


REGIE/DIRECTION/ MISE EN SCÈNE Tiago Vieira (Master’s thesis directing RITCS) COACH REGIE/ COACH DIRECTION/ COACH MISE EN SCÈNE Sanja Mitrovic, Koen Augustijnen, Bart Capelle SPEL/PERFORMANCE/JEU Tiago Vieira, Nuno Pinheiro, Marta Caeiro, Miguel Nunes, Sofia Dinger, Paulo Quedas TECHNIEK/TECHNICIAN/TECHNICIEN Timothy Jungblut (3th Bachelor’s thesis Stage technicians) COACH TECHNIEK/COACH TECHNICIAN/COACH TECHNICIEN Kurt Lefevre SCENOGRAFIE & KOSTUUMS/SCENOGRAPHY & COSTUMES/ SCÉNOGRAPHIE & COSTUMES Tiago Vieira DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY Tiago Vieira PRODUCTIELEIDING/ PRODUCTION DIRECTOR/ DIRECTEUR DE PRODUCTION Niels van Uden (3th Bachelor Technical Production Management) COACH PRODUCTIELEIDING/ COACH PRODUCTION DIRECTOR/ COACH DIRECTEUR DE PRODUCTION Harry Cole PRODUCTIE/PRODUCTION RITCS Theatre Department MENTOR Dirk Verstockt SPECIAL GUEST Sofia Dinger COPRODUCTIE / COPRODUCTION KVS SPECIALE DANK AAN/ SPECIAL THANKS TO/ REMERCIEMENTS SPÉCIAUX À Hendrik de Smedt, Veerle Joos, Bernard Peeters, Ewout Blanken, Tânia Guerreiro, Luciana Kujawksi, Ivo Kersmaekers - ShowTex MET DE STEUN VAN / WITH THE SUPPORT OF / AVEC LE SOUTIEN DE Self-Mistake (PI and ORG.I.A) PI supported by Portuguese Republic - Culture / General Direction of the Arts ORG.I.A supported by Lisbon City Council


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