Other Enter

Einat Tuchman
  • Wed 25.09.2019
    19:00 - 20:00
    Tropicana, Brussel

Imagine you live in a neighborhood that is not in the centre of the city but kind of on the outskirts. It's a multicultural neighborhood, very busy, where people are constantly crossing one another but hardly interact or mix.


And you are an artist and you think to your self “What can I do to change that ? Can my artistic practice bring people more together?“

Other Enter is a performance about a three years long artistic research in a Molenbeek Quartier maritime. Two women tell you about their experiences being involved in a neighborhood project in that area. One is 50 years old, the other 16. One from Israeli origins, the other from Moroccan origin. One was born and grew up in Molenbeek, the other “immigrated” there three years ago. What bonds them is the dream to create an utopian space for everybody. “Espacetous”, a place where all those different cultures meet, get to know each other and find out how to empower one another with their vast knowledge.


A creative place, a transformative place, a micro revolutionary place. Other enter invites the public to enter for some time into a complex world of versatile social groups and individuals.
It opens up a reflective zone about a multicultural locality that is rich in resources but that is infected by alienation between cultures, codes of behaviors and systems of educations. It tackles questions about locality and the roll of art in society. Can the poetic utopian gesture influence social transformation?


Other Enter portrays the different perspective and gazes in the public space, the temptations it produces for some, the fear for others. The performers present the miss understandings and the poetical moments of togetherness by unfolding their personal experience.

Is part of the parcours:
Season's opening


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