Thu 16.01.2020 18:00 - 19:00

Opening expo Afro-diaspo-arts

18:00 - 19:00
  • 16.01.2020
    18:00 - 19:00
    KVS, Brussel

This fifth edition of CONGOLISATION kicks off with the vernissage of the Expo Afro-Diaspo-Arts! This exhibition sports a selection of work by four artists from the Afro-Belgian community. Each and every one of them stands out through their creativity, talent and commitment. Come and admire their creations on the walls of KVS until the 28th of February. 

Get introduced to the artists on the walls of the Expo Afro-Diaspo-Arts:

Yves Bana

This young poet - barely eighteen -  presents you with a series of poems about Africa. A mixture of sorrow and joy shines through his words, some kind of ‘sad happiness’. By committing this melancholy to the white paper, Bana marks out his own story.

Baminla Timothée Lambony

Baminla Timothée Lambony, a painter of Togolese origin, has an exceptionally unique technique. He applies acrylic paint to the canvas using old bankcards or other magnetic cards, which produces a special embossed effect rich in colour and expression.

Deogracias Kihalu

In his photo series  Les spectres de la colonie (The Ghosts of the Colony), Deogracias Kihalu evokes a life from long ago, of which the consequences are still felt today. Reflection and reflexivity are the main threads of the series. The photos show to what extent we mirror our recent past. The series looks back at the colonial Congolese-Belgian collective memory, provoking questions about guilt and traumas for the Congolese and for the new generation of Belgians. Kihalu urges us to enter into a dialogue to accept this shared past. Only then, we can move beyond the psychological prejudices from the past and prevent them from being perpetuated. 

Is part of the parcours:
Congolisation 2019


During CONGOLISATION, SoulFoodMama serves delicious culinary specialties in her Resto Congolisation.


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