Fri 05.06.2020 - Sat 06.06.2020

Dancing Stories: Gelé.e.s sur le bout de la langue

Yassin Mrabtifi / Art2work

A mermaid stranded on a rock, a Brazilian-accented song, skies that we have loved and left ... Gelé.e.s sur le bout de la langue (Frozen on the tip of the tongue) is made up of the stories and the dreams of the people you’ll see on stage. They’re between 22 and 30 years old and most of them met during personal development coaching organized by the Art2work association.

That’s where they crossed paths with choreographer Yassin Mrabtifi who was immediately captivated by their energy and their personalities. Together, they decided to extend the adventure and that was the beginning of Dancing Stories.

Weekly creative workshops are like bubbles of freedom, offering an opportunity to share and experience whatever participants want, spontaneously, and without judgement or constraint.  This is the strength of the format, providing as it does a counterpoint to society by making the stage a place of inclusion where everyone has the space to exist with what they are.

Most often, it is through improvisations – danced, sung or spoken – that they bring their setbacks, their victories and their desires to life, with courage and daring.

Gelé.e.s sur le bout de la langue is an opportunity to share in this collective piece which began over a year ago. It’s a performance made in the image of this group: free, bright, overwhelming and inspiring.


MET / AVEC / WITH Binta FK, Dries Van Overstraeten, Hugo Bortolozzi, Iago Ramone, Joula Malki, Rachida Soufiane, Sara, Zoé Vanden Bossche MIUZIEK / MUSIQUE / MUSIC Toniguitou Morelenbaum REGIE / MISE EN SCÈNE / DIRECTION Yassin Mrabtifi DRAMATURGIE / DRAMATURGY Hanna El Fakir PRODUCTIE / PRODUCTION Art2work RESIDENTIES / RÉSIDENCES / RESIDENCIES Ultima Vez, KVS
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