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Fri 21.08.2020 - Sat 22.08.2020

Sangoma Flight

Junior Mthombeni, Cesar Janssens, Arne Demets & Pieter Van Bogaert

In 2016, theatre collective Jr.cE.sA.r. created a piece of history with their swinging debut Malcolm X, according to Focus Knack. The production, which featured 20 performers of widely varying backgrounds – including a pick of the very best musicians – became an international success. The soundchecks quickly devolved into full-blown jam sessions, giving rise to the idea of presenting that musical click on other stages as well. The musicians toured the entire country with Sangoma Flight. In August, they’re coming back to the place where it all began: KVS. 

Drummer and composer Cesar Janssens lets you know what to expect: 'It’s a soul- and blues-centred ode to our roots, no matter how diverse. Because we have no choice but to channel and spit out our souls’ pains through music. It sounds damn risky and adventurous, and once the vibe gets going, we take off together on a Sangoma Flight …'


GUITAR & VOCALS Arne Demets VOCALS & PERUCSSION Junior Mthombeni HAMMOND ORGAN Pieter van Bogaert DRUMS Cesar Janssens
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