Thu 14.01.2021 07:00

Koko Slam Gang

Solala Bien & KVS
  • 14.01.2021
    KVS, Brussel
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Angélique, Rosaline, Félicienne, Alphonsine, Régine, Tshibundulu and their choir sisters are between 65 and 88 years old. Together they form the Koko Slam Gang, an amateur Congolese storytelling and slam group. The project arose after slammer Joëlle Sambi Nzeba met the grandmothers during Seniorenslam, a project organised by Mangoboom and KVS in 2019. 

Inspired by their energy, the power of their words and their presence, Joëlle decided to continue the adventure with Koko Slam Gang by bringing their slam experiences to the stage. For many months, they worked together in weekly workshops to create improvisations, songs, dance and scenography. Joëlle and slammer Lisette Lombé join the ladies on stage, where they shine a new light on their Congo through shared stories of battles and dreams. 

The result is a pure and poetic performance where every word, whether light or heavy, surprising or powerful, is shared and heard in freedom. 

This performance premieres at KVS as part of the Festival Congolisation 2021.

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