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Joint reflection

Eveline Vandevelde, Sylvie Sarolea, Frances Timberlake ...
experts x artists x activists
Sat 02.10.2021 16:00 - 19:00
KVS, Brussels
Past event
16:00 - 19:00
Past event

Mawda’s story exposed us to numerous complicated questions and issues. KVS aims to address some of those on 2 October, a moment for experts, activists and artists to meet and discuss (European) migration policies, police brutality and Mawda’s court case. 

As the theatre makers of Mawda means affection phrased it: We want to understand how this drama could have happened. In what political context? And how do our media deal with it? How is it that a drama that should feed the public debate about migration policy is ultimately reduced to a fait divers?
With contributions by Eveline Vandevelde (Stop Ethnic Profiling), Frances Timberlake (Refugee Rights Europe), Sylvie Sarolea (UCL and Rosa Parks Law Clinic), Sabine Sil (artist of Les écorchées douces) & more. 
16:00   Introduction by the makers of Mawda means affection (FR-NL)
16:15   Sabine Sil and some of the interviewed women explain the artistic project Les écorchées douces. (FR)
17:10   Eveline Vandevelde highlights the “Niet Normaal” campaign by Stop Ethnic Profiling, an initiative supported by 7 different organisations, among them Amnesty International, the Human Rights League, MRAX and Yassine Boubout. (NL)
17:40   Sylvie Sarolea, human rights professor at UCL and coordinator of the Rosa Parks Law Clinic, will address the theme of transmigration, discussing transmigration rights and the problems migration controls pose. (FR)
18:10   Frances Timberlake is an activist who has worked on questions relating to the France-Belgium-UK border since 2016. She has co-directed the Refugee Women’s Centre, a grassroots organisation supporting undocumented women and families in the camps around Calais, through which she met and closely followed the family of Mawda. Since this she has been working as a campaigner on UK border and immigration policy. (EN)
End estimated by 19:00 at the latest
This timeline is subject to change. There will be time for breaks and Q&As. Admission to this conference is free. Those who wish, can see the performance Mawda means affection the same evening.