Congolisation 2021

In January, CONGOLISATION – Festival Afro-Diaspo-Arts Made in Belgium – anchors down at KVS for the second year in a row! It is a multidisciplinary festival with expositions, dance performances, theater, music, films, conferences, … The festival takes place in a Belgian context and wants to draw the attention to not only the Congolese but the entire African diaspora. It takes a look ‘from within’ diversity towards the world surrounding it, rather than a look ‘at’ this diversity. 

Initiator Pitcho Womba Konga: 'The challenge consists in making sure other stories are being heard, not to compete with each other, but as an addition to the existing stories. To achieve this, it’s important to direct specific attention to those who have difficulties gaining access to these different spaces of expression. It’s within this context that CONGOLISATION takes place. The aim is to restore the balance in terms of visibility, speaking time and concerns, and to make sure that everyone has ‘equal opportunity to seize opportunity'. 

Last year we got to welcome Nadia Rose and Dope Saint Jude, two giants of the London hip hop scene. The programme for 2021 is still under construction, but will be announced soon. 

Shows in this selection

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