Samantha Mavinga


Samantha Marvinga is a Belgian hip hop dancer of Congolese origin. Thanks to her versatility in urban dance styles – house dance, hip-hop, breakdance – Mavinga distinguishes itself from her contemporaries in the underground scene. 

Samantha Mavinga has won several European competitions, such as House Dance Forever, juste Debout Barcelona, World Of Dance England and Italy, the Notorious IBE, All4House ...

She collaborates with the choreographer Mourad Merzouki In the creation Seven Step by Compagnie Käfig from Lyon and she participates in the KVS production Malcolm X by Jr.cE. sA.r. Mavinga is currently choreographing various projects including One Nation, a 100% female dance group and a non-profit organisation that coaches young people aged 12 to 18 in Liège. She is also choreographer of her own company, Corpeaurelles.

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