Matteo Sedda, Alessandra Ferreri & Joshua Vanhaverbeke / Vitamina

Matteo Sedda is an Italian performer living in Brussels, working for different choreographers in Belgium, France and Italy. In 2018 he created Vitamina, together with dramaturge Alessandra Ferreri and sound designer Joshua Vanhaverbeke. They like to define Vitamina as a house for performing arts, a vibrant place where utopian, dreamy ideas are churned out every day. 

Never Stop Scrolling Baby evokes an endless act of scrolling, of cascading events, of an obese information nation, of TikTok-culture, of tearing down statues, of HYPE after HYPE after HYPE, of all the violent stimuli we endure and assimilate every single day until we paradoxically don't have any identity left.

Performs in

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