Oscar Cassamajor

Oscar Cassamajor, born in belgium in 1993, is the son of two artists coming from different ethnic backgrounds and different stories. 

His father was born in Haiti and raised in New York, his mother was born and raised in a heteronormative catholic family in Belgium.

He started exploring his need for artistic expression through tango at his father’s dance school and then embarked on an intensive tango trip to Buenos Aires (2010). Going from the internal, he focuses on connecting tango with groovy hip-hop using technical popping body knowledge and the natural flow of contemporary dance. Within the group CHPT.01 Oscar found the importance to work in an immersive environment which brings the experience of the audience inside of the artists world.

Video art opened a new way to express and archive his artistic ideas. From 2015 till 2017 he went to Sint-Lukas School of Art to study Audio Visual Art. His audiovisual style is often an overload of images, it is an attempt to represent the internet generation. During the creation of ‘Coloured Swan 1 & 2’ Oscar tried to create a visual- scenography to set different moods.

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