Hendrickx Ntela

Hendrickx Ntela is a Congolese (freelance) dancer and choreographer from Verviers. She is the one of the first Belgian krumpers to create performances in which krump plays a prominent role. As a multidisciplinary artist, Hendrickx practices krump, hip-hop and afro house. And is now associate artist of the National theater of Brussels.

Hendrickx has been involved in many Belgian and foreign cultural projects in the field of street dance. Through these exchanges and connections, she was able to gain professional experience, including organizing battles in Belgium. Hendrickx Ntela presented her first creation To be a slave with eight internationals in 2017 at Zinnema and the KVS, during the Lezarts Danses Urbaines Festival. She is the founder of the Drickx Konzi collective, a member of Ruthless, a versatile 100% female group.
In 2019, she joined the Tremplin Danses Hip-Hop group and in this framework became co-choreographer and performer of the work Au Fil du temps by the company Corpeaurelles. Active also on the underground scene all around the world she is finalist at the 2014 and 2022 krump world championships.
Hendrickx became the choreographer of her new piece Blind and worked as dancer performer with choreographers like Grichka Caruge, Alesandra Seutin, Etienne Rochefort, and so many more.