Zouratié Koné

Zouratié Koné is a master percussionist, descendant of a family of Griots (traditional healing artists) who was born in Bobo Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) and lived in Mali and Ivory Coast. 

Singer, musician, and maker of traditional musical instruments, he is recognised as a Master on the djembe, the dumdum, the tama (talking drum), the longa, the kora, the ngoni and the balafon. 
Since 2013 he has been travelling between Belgium and Burkina Faso, to participate in the Belgian Afro-Jazz sextet musical project, Afrikan Protokol. From 2018, he has been leading his own musical project of Afro Jazz Mandingo, based in Brussels, the ‘ZKE!’ (Zouratié Koné Ensemble). One year later, he played in the Moonlight Tales project and preformed regularly with the Belgian songwriter and musician Sébastien Haciane for the project Besac Arthur. He also started a musical project mixing electronic and Mandingo music, the Electro Mandingo Groove. In July 2020 their first song Sogni was released by the label Orianna / Sony Music.  Zouratié continues exploring the Mandingo musical tradition. In 2021 he co-founded, the project Diurukuma Beat.
Since 2017, he has been artistic co-director, together with Ombretta Moschella, of the non-profit organisation ‘Amu Les Griots’ based in Belgium. In 2021 they founded the label ‘Electro Mandingo Records’ - Making music travels beyond borders.