KVS dances the season in motion!

KVS enters with a bang! On the 25th of September, we fired the starting gun to open the season 2019-2020 with a grand opening party. Richly variegated with performance, opera and a gigantic cypher.

While the first visitors conquered their spot on the front square of KVS BOL, the dancers of No Way Back and Detours Festival popped up to the tune of a merry brass band. Their performance immediately got the crowd in the mood: guests eagerly joined into the polonaise. 

Meanwhile, the audience for Le silence des ombres trickled in: this creation of la Monnaie had its world premiere in our KVS BOL, in the context of Troika. At the same time, in community house Tropicana, about thirty people gathered for Other Enter, an intimate performance by Einat Tuchman, a poetic account of a community project in her Molenbeek neighbourhood, the place she calls home. Together with her co-actor Doha Jaadi, she wove stories and performance to a intricate whole. Thanks to the vivid representation of their ‘Espacetous’, an utopic place of connection for everyone, they created a moment full of exchange, discovery and encounter. 

'I realized that whenever I give attention to something unfamiliar with a lot of patience, at a certain point, doors will open.’ - Einat Tuchman 

Right across the street, in our KVS BOX, the terrain for the evening was marked out with a few metres of bright yellow tape. In this circle, 15 different dance groups - each in their own specific dance style - gave it their best during Show Me Yours (I'll Show You Mine). From afrobeat over Chinese fan dancing to krump and dabke: those present were introduced to a rich variety of dance genres. Show Me Yours (I'll Show You Mine) turned into a fascinating outlook on the multi-faceted Brussels dance scene. 

Whoever defied the rain to come to KVS BOX didn’t leave unsatisfied - or without stretching their dance-craving bums - because after the performances, it was the visitors’ turn, visitors who turned up in great numbers. And they didn't need encouragement: the dance floor was quickly filled with keen dancers, guests, local residents, KVS-staff, artists… A fantastic mix of people, styles and stories. In short: a vibrant, multilingual and infinitely generous evening, the ideal kickoff for a richly filled new theatre season.