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All performances at KVS until 21 April to be cancelled due to COVID-19

Given the recent developments regarding the spread of Covid-19 and the fast-changing nature of the situation, we are sad to announce that all KVS performances until 21 April 2020 will be cancelled. 

The affected performances are JR, Piano Works Debussy, Fire Will Become Ashes, but Not Now, Mrs Dalloway, Familie, Para, SLOW#05: Queer Courage, Hospitality Festival (Other Enter, Birds, De Bruxelles à la Mecque), Slap and Tickle and Kyabayo

What if I have a ticket for one of these performances?

KVS will send all ticket holders for these performances an email to inform them that all performances until 21 April unfortunately have to be cancelled. We will get back to them as soon as possible with further information.

Why don’t I get all the information now?

A lot of partners are involved in these three performances. KVS will now sit around the table with them as soon as possible to work out how we can deal with this further. We are also trying to protect our artists and staff, as well as satisfying our large audience, by rescheduling the performances to new dates wherever possible.

What about the performances after 21 April?

KVS is closely following the developments regarding COVID-19. If additional measures are necessary, we will certainly take them into account. That is why we also ask you, as a KVS visitor, to keep a regular eye on our site. You will find all the latest information there. Whatever happens, we will inform each visitor individually and timely via email in case any more performances have to be cancelled. 

Will KVS remain open?

These recent developments have forced us to close the theatre entirely until at least 3 April. If necessary, that date may be extended. We will keep you up to date via our website.

What if I bought my ticket via Ticketswap?

As soon as someone sells their ticket through Ticketswap, KVS loses track of who the ticketholder is. We are only able to retrace the original buyer. That is the person we will contact about refunds or compensation. In our email, we ask people explicitly to pass on the necessary information to the person they sold their ticket to via Ticketswap.

Where can I go with my questions?

Please email your questions to tickets@kvs.be. Our reception is currently very busy. We ask for your patience.

It is possible that we do not manage to answer all questions before the theatre closes entirely. If so, we ask for your understanding. As soon as our doors open again, we will read and answer each and every one of your questions. 

Visitors who have tickets for a performance that cannot take place, will be contacted via email with further information.

How can I help prevent the spread?

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • When you cough or sneeze, do so in your elbow crease
  • Use paper tissues
  • Do not kiss or shake hands
  • Keep the necessary distance, but don’t forget to take care of each other, family, friends and neighbours 

Where can I find more info on COVID-19?

On this website you can follow all the latest updates. The Belgian government has also installed a call centre, where you can direct any questions: 0800 14 689.

KVS hopes, just like you, that the spread of the COVID-19 virus will soon be contained. And that we may meet again soon, in good health!

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