20 years of Peeping Tom!

20 years of Peeping Tom just have to be celebrated! KVS and Peeping Tom go back a long way, and KVS couldn’t be happier to be hosting the company’s anniversary celebrations. To celebrate in style, the dance company returns with its much-lauded family trilogy, a meditation on memory, remembering and the search for connection. Two driving forces behind the company, Gabriela Carrizo and Franck Chartier, direct Father and Mother respectively, and join forces to co-direct the final piece in the trilogy: Child. At last, the whole family will be together! 

Peeping Tom has travelled the world with Father, Mother and Child. Documentary film-makers Mieke Stuyve and Lotte Stoops joined them on tour and followed the lives of the actors to make the film Third Act, which will be shown in KVS BOX on 10 December. It’s an exciting glimpse behind the scenes, in true Peeping Tom-style. 

Obviously, you can’t have a birthday without a party. On 19 December we serve a smorgasbord of music from Peeping Tom’s shows, followed by dancing and a party into the small hours. 

Those who are keen to see some of Peeping Tom’s new work can attend Triptych, which will be shown as part of Troika in February 2021 at our neighbouring theatre, the Théâtre National de Wallonie-Bruxelles. Triptych is a piece made up of three revised works: The Missing Door (directed by Gabriela Carrizo), The Lost Room and The Hidden Floor (both directed by Franck Chartier). 

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