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KVS breaks out

Dear KVS visitor,

You may have already seen it in the papers or heard it on the radio: KVS has not been idle these past months. At a safe distance from one another, we have curated a brand-new season for you that we are excited to introduce soon. Because we believe that a healthy society has a need for culture and beauty. And because we believe it’s our duty to be a permanent bridge between creators and audiences. The season launch will take place mid-June, but we are happy to lift a few tips of the veil for you today, so you can join us in dreaming of all that beauty to come.

September and October: KVS Breaks Out 

Enough of outbreaks: in September and October, you can expect a breakout at KVS. A good one!

We are breaking out of our building, onto the square, into the city, ready for fresh air. We are breaking away the seats and the stage, and offering you a new place to sit. We are breaking out every precaution to make sure you can enjoy a care-free season launch. We have had to replace the large-scale productions that normally open our season with solo performances, small interventions or performances with limited capacity, and we are fully committed to delivering these. Time for experiment and adventure, and time for artists and employees to get back to work.

We are starting a little earlier than you are used to from us, at the start of September, and we will provide a fool-proof procedure every time to make sure we can welcome you to experience the theatre in safety.

New and trusted talent

During the first two corona-proof months you will be able to discover new projects with old and new KVS artists. For example, choreographer Nadine Baboy has created a dance solo especially for these times. And we are launching an open call for artists who want to showcase their work at KVS – because we don’t want to be stuck in our own artistic ‘bubble’.

Two familiar KVS faces, Bruno Vanden Broecke and Valentijn Dhaenens, get to open the season with their own new creation Jonathan: a performance about robots and humans, centred around the topic of artificial intelligence. A more current and timely performance is hardly imaginable. Performances that have had to miss their premiere in spring, like Moya Michael’s Coloured Swan 3: Harriet’s reMix and Piano Works Debussy by Lisbeth Gruwez and Claire Chevallier, get a new chance to shine. Choreographer Bahar Temiz performs ICE, and just like last year we are bringing you Mindblowers: an encounter of artists and scientists in collaboration with VUB.

A number of guest performances also enrich our season, and we are preparing a few surprising interventions for you. Get excited for the first KVS creation by Maaike Neuville: Op een bankje, op een dag. With Sangoma Flight, Junior Mthombeni (KVS face and director of Dear Winnie) appears in a musical performance at the side of Cesar Janssens. For lovers of intimate theatre, we present The Light That Never Goes Out : brief, intimate interventions in the light of the servante – the ghost light that always stays on in a theatre – which only a handful of visitors at a time get to experience in our beautiful theatre. These will be unique and highly vulnerable artistic encounters. For 24 hours, we will be welcoming you into the house (almost) on your own to join one artist in the intimate ghost light – at a healthy distance, of course.

Beauty in difficult times

KVS wants to make people dream again and provide some beauty in these difficult times. Theatre is all about humanity and togetherness. Stories synthesise our past and envision a future. That’s why today there is more need for theatre than ever before, and we want to fulfil that need. And of course, we are also yearning to see you again. It will be different from before, but it will still be beautiful, and moving, and gripping.

A physical season launch is impossible this year, but we will soon present the entire 2020-21 season to you during a small-scale video call. Please expect an invitation in your inbox soon. If you’d like to be kept in the loop via post, please register here.

Artistic director Michael De Cock and the artistic team Kristin Rogghe, Gerardo Salinas, Kathy Van den Bossche and Dina Dooreman

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