Win for Dear Winnie!

Excellent news for Dear Winnie! This performance – a co-production of KVS and NNT – which theatre collective Jr.cE.sA.r toured throughout Belgium and the Netherlands last autumn and winter, has been selected for the Flemish theatre festival. 

This is the cherry on top of the hard work of the collective and nine-strong cast of actresses, singers and performers from the African diaspora. Together they bring a musical performance about the power of exceptional figures, in the footsteps of Winnie Madikizela Mandela. Director Junior Mthombeni took on the project in honour of his father, a former ANC resistance fighter who found a confidante in Winnie Madikizela Mandela. But the performance does not only deal with this remarkable woman who, despite humiliation, abuse and exile, relentlessly continued her resistance against the apartheid regime.

Dear Winnie is also about what we, today, can learn from the fighting spirit which typified her – not from a white perspective, but through coloured lenses this time. The cast set out in search of answers to questions like: when do you revolt? When do you sacrifice your personality for the greater good? Together they turn the white, Eurocentric, male canon on its head. They denounce the lack of representativity and criticise the official story. 

After ample praise in the domestic and foreign press – four start from The Guardian! – the Flemish theatre festival now also honours the marvellous universe of Jr.cE.sA.r: 

"Dear Winnie is a remarkably compelling ritual, with its zest for life and its powerful fighting spirit creating major fireworks on stage. Nine black women present a fiery ode to their idol, Winnie Madikizela Mandela. Time, language and style flow and intermingle freely to form one feminist, anti-racist statement - and a magnificent theatre spectacle to boot." – Jury report Theatre festival 

Theatre festival ticket sales from August 6 

The Flemish theatre festival (in Brussels) will run from 3 to 13 September 2020. From August 6 you can grab tickets, so save the date! KVS will welcome Dear Winnie back to KVS BOL, on September 10 and 11. 

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