The Line-up That Never Ends

One lamp, one artist, an empty theatre and a handful of viewers. These are the main ingredients of The Light That Never Goes Out

From the darkness, an artist seeks out the light to meet you again, to move you, to touch you perhaps. After 15 minutes, the performance is over, and you head back outside. The ghost light stays lit and patiently awaits the next visitor.

You won’t know which artist you are about to meet beforehand, but we can tell you who has confirmed their involvement: Lisette Ma Neza, Alesandra Seutin, Yassin Mrabtifi, Pitcho Womba Konga, Anne-Laure Vandeputte, Marie-Aurore d’Awans, Michael De Cock, Les Mybalés, Brandon Likiyo, Leonie Buysse, Rashif El Kaoui, Leentje Vandenbussche, Jhaya Caupenne, Junior Akwety, Sachli Gholamalizad, Chris Lomme, Seppe Baeyens, Awoulath Alougbin, Jessica Fanhan, Gioia Kayaga (aka Joy) and Sybille Van Bellinghen.

Plenty of reasons to book your ticket and walk into the theatre full of anticipation on 18 or 19 September.

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