© Amira Daoudi

Once you pop, you can't stop: pop-up bar De Servante 

If you recently walked past Lakensestraat, you may have noticed the industriousness around the KVS BOL entrance hall. The hall is still home to our evening ticket desk, but now also houses pop-up bar De Servante, a luscious oasis of green and gold. On the front square, you can nestle in on one of our homemade benches and watch Brussels life glide by.

From 28 August, we will be serving the best coffee in Brussels as well as healthy meals here, every weekday from 10.30am to 6pm. If the weather is nice, you’ll be able to stick around for a bit longer, until 8pm at the latest. On performance days, De Servante will be open from one hour before the performance until one hour after, when visitors will be able to enjoy a drink and delicious tapas. 

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