KVS 24/7: brand-new virtual platform

We live in strange times. Freedoms we considered the norm are being reined in. None of us can simply go wherever we want, our lives are measured in 1.5-metre increments and neat queues. At KVS, this makes us more eager than ever to spread our performances and artistic creations far and wide. That’s why, beside KVS BOL, KVS BOX and our new outdoor stage, we are also introducing a fourth podium. This virtual stage wants to add to our freedoms. Visitors can follow new creations live from wherever they like, or rewatch them later. KVS 24/7 is an on-demand home for our performances, offered for a mere 5 euros.

We are breaking open the boundaries of space and time and opening up the back rooms of the theatre. Enjoy our performances whenever it suits you, and wherever you are – on the other side of the world, or at home in quarantine.

Walk past our ‘wall’ and pick something to satisfy your cultural hunger. Choose an interview with the creators, an inspiring reading list, debates around topical themes, or a look behind the scenes.

This timeless universe brings creators and visitors closer together. Want to discuss what you’ve seen? Step into the ‘bar’ and start chatting to one of the many artists performing at KVS this season. The night is young, the possibilities are endless

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