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JONATHAN comes back in April

We’re out of the starting blocks! Bruno Vanden Broecke and Valentijn Dhaenens opened the new KVS season with Jonathan. And how:

“This duo effortlessly manages to take a situation that broke all our hearts last spring – the dire situation in care homes and many dying in loneliness – and weave it into a performance that makes you laugh, moves you and plants a seed of healthy distrust against AI in your head.”

-       Knack Focus

Jonathan is a bizarrely poetic performance, an occasionally bemusing conversation between a robot, a human and the audience. An evening full of wonder and doubt about what it means to be human and therefore having to deal with surprises and misfortunes.

Tickets for the first five performances sold out in no time. Over 800 people tuned in to the livestream of the premiere on KVS 24/7. But in April, Bruno and Valentijn will be back – no less than 11 times! The perfect chance to catch this moving performance live after all.

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