Live streams of all our new creations on KVS 24/7

We recently launched the digital streaming platform KVS 24/7, which allows you to enjoy our creations from the comfort of home. The perfect digital appetiser to go with the analogue main course – especially when you also get to dig into the universe of each performance thanks to the background information on the ‘walls’.

KVS 24/7 makes it easier than ever to get a portion of culture: from the comfort of home, at a bar, on the train, … Maybe because you don’t have as much opportunity to join us in person for the time being, or because we want to let everyone sample theatre as much as possible, as a little appetiser to the real deal. Get a feel for the medium through the live stream. Discover a variety of genres and styles, ascertain what interests you and what you enjoy. And above all: come down to the theatre in person again soon. We will welcome you with open arms, face masks and hand sanitiser at the ready, for the best thing on earth: theatre and dance from front row seats.

In the meantime, you can get the best of both worlds at KVS 24/7: a digital appetiser to the analogue main course. Make things more interesting for yourself by browsing our walls: these online spaces contain tons of background information around each performance. Take a peek into the minds of the creators and discover their favourite spots in Brussels, inspiring reading lists, interviews, stage photos, trailers, behind-the-scenes photos, … In short: a walk through the wonderous universe behind each creation. 

Upcoming live streams

In the coming weeks, these live streams will be available. When you click the ticket link on each page, you can see the date and start time of each live stream: 


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