Wake up with opera for children at KVS

Even in a year like this, KVS cannot let Kunstendag voor Kinderen (Children’s Day of Arts) pass without a celebration! The planned performances of Koper en vel unfortunately had to be cancelled, but on Sunday 15 November we can show you the animation film Fidelio by theatre company Walpurgis, here on the site.

Fidelio - Walpurgis (Sunday 15 November - 10:00, here on the site

Opera for children, transformed into a wonderful animation film (ca. 15 minutes, 8+). With English subtitles. 

Florestan and Leonore are two young, motivated artists who believe in a solidary, just and sustainable society. With their playful acts they manage to get a large and diverse group of people together for a manifestation against the repressive politics of the tyrant Pizarro. The latter, feeling his power slip, orders for the manifestation to be dispersed by force and for Florestan to be locked in a secret dungeon. In a nightmare, Leonore relives the violent moment when she was separated from her boyfriend. She startles awake and realises that she will have to find a way to free Florestan if she ever wants to see him again …

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