© Lien De Trogh

Bledarte sets up camp at KVS for acting workshops

KVS will be welcoming Bledarte on the regular this season! Every two weeks, this Brussels collective will be taking up residence in our buildings for bilingual acting workshops for a select group of people under the moniker Bled’acting. That way, they want to make music, acting and other art forms (more) available to everyone. 

Bledarte Collective is a bilingual Brussels-based non-profit that wants to create space for youngsters with a migration background to be introduced to art, culture and night life. Until recently, these six women resided at Beursschouwburg, where they repeatedly lit up the building with their eclectic DJ sets, DJ workshops for women and non-binary people, and reading groups for activistic literature. The guiding principle throughout the work of this intersectional collective is ‘to decolonise minds through arts and culture’.

KVS will be offering them a performance space twice a month for their acting workshops, where they will be introducing their newly composed troupe to acting and acting techniques. The goal? To create an ambitious theatre collective, and to democratise art by making it available to everyone. The lessons take place in French and Dutch and centre on three themes: scenic expression, acting for the big screen, and initiation to dramaturgy. All in a welcoming, encouraging and professional context.