Ready for Kunstenfestivaldesarts

During three weeks Kunstenfestivaldesarts invites artists from all over the world and from Belgium to redefine the boundaries of theatre, dance and performance in more than 30 venues in and around Brussels.

KVS is also one of the locations. You can discover these three performances:

  • Aphasia by Jelena Jureša: Together with musicians Alen and Nenad Sinkauz and dancer cum actress Ivana Jozić, Jureša questions the dynamics of polarization, compliance with authority and the lure of group violence. In the setting of a night club, she brings us face-to-face with the absurdity of the collective silence that so often surrounds crime. 
  • The House of Bernarda Alba by Trajal Harrell: The Spanish author Federico García Lorca wrote The House of Bernarda Alba shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War. Nearly a hundred years later, American dancer and choreographer Trajal Harrell opens the door to two more ‘houses’ for García Lorca’s serious and passionate women. He introduces them to the world of fashion houses, as if they were invited to present their latest collections in lavish Parisian salons in the mid-20th century.
  • است (Is) by Parnia Shams: is a game of full and empty, in which one must fill in what is not said or cannot be said, and in which Parnia Shams embodies the feeling of being controlled by an invisible power. She crafts a hyperrealistc yet magical fresco depicting the importance of the school as a place of learning, not just of notions, but of sisterhood and solidarity.