Which show are you most looking forward to?

The ball is rolling! On 24 April we launched our 2019-2020 season programme. After the presentation we asked a few people in attendance which productions they are most looking forward to. These were their enthusiastic responses!
“I’m very curious about Frédérique Lecomte’s approach for Vita Siyo Muchezo Ya Watoto – such a unique project.” - Soundous


“SLOW with its Queer Courage theme – just to see people’s reactions!” – Pauwel


“We love Fabrice Murgia’s work, so La Mémoire des Arbres is high on our wish list. And we wouldn’t want to miss Dear Winnie, either!” – Cécile, Jean-Marie, Willy and Dominique


“I watched Sachli Gholamalizad’s previous two performances, so I have to find a space in my diary for the third one next season.” Bart


“Mrs Dalloway! I discovered Virginia Woolf through Room of your Own and the film The Hours. Her tragic life story intrigues me.” Edit


“We have been loyal season subscribers for almost 50 years, and every year there’s something new to look forward to. This time we are curious about Vita Siyo Muchezo Ya Watoto, especially as we are worried about the situation in Congo.” – Jan and Mieke


“As teachers we are always looking for productions that carry social criticism, to show to our pupils. Dear Winnie, and Fire Will Become Ashes, But Not Now share the top spot this year.” – Stefanie and Angelique


“Kind! I already saw Vader and I think it’s amazing how Peeping Tom translates the archetypal aspects of a family.” Elien


“I’m a big fan of people who seek out extremes, so I’ll have Slap and Tickle by Liz Aggiss!” – Julia


“I’m incredibly intrigued by what Frédérique Lecomte is doing with Vita Siyo Muchezo Ya Watoto. She has lots of interesting ideas. One we shouldn’t miss!” – Paul