KVS presses PAUSE

The theatre season is on its last leg. We look back at a richly filled year, in which old hands and fresh talents graced our stages, we celebrated the immortal Chris Lomme, dancers swayed like sea anemones across our podium, … The year our season paper got even thicker, our website received a lick of digital paint, and our façade was embellished by Farm Prod. So many great things that we need to catch our breaths, which is why we’re taking a summer break. We’ll be back to welcome you next season with renewed vigour.




In July, KVS goes on a collective holiday as we close our doors for a month. It’s still possible to order tickets online during that break. From 30 July we’ll be manning the telephones and ticket desk in person once again.


Please note: on Monday 26, Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 August KVS will be closed: the whole team is at theatre camp. 


We are also silencing the coffee machine for a little while. Hop in on Friday 28 June for a last lunch or a refreshing drink. From Monday 1 August you can visit our counter again for a delicious bowl of soup or a sandwich. On the 2nd of September the dishes of the day will be available again. 

Please note: during August Café Congo will be closed at 17:00. On Friday 16 August the café will be closed, just as it will be from August 26 till 28. The KVS team is at theatre camp at that moment.