The favourite one of Gerardo Salinas

Asking Gerardo Salinas which performance he’s looking forward to the most next season is tough on the dramaturge. The question presents such a dilemma that he simply cannot choose. So as a solution, he presents his two favourites!


Gerardo has great admiration for director Guillermo Calderón, so Dragón had to be on his list. After the intense Mateluna last year, Calderón brings Dragón to our stage this time. In this new performance, we follow the brainstorm sessions of a hip Chilean performance collective around their new artistic creation, inspired by the murder of anticolonial activist Walter Rodney. It’s a theme so complex that the protagonists begin to mistrust and even mislead one another…

Dragón comes to Belgium for Próximamente, a five-day festival full of premieres, showcases and performances – the crème de la crème of Latin-American theatre.

Dear Winnie,

Gerardo’s second must see is Dear Winnie,. This production is close to his heart, because the subject matter touches him deeply. Junior Mthombeni is creating this performance from a personal necessity: as an ode to his father, Maurice Mthombeni, and to a strong woman who inspired him, Winnie Mandela.

This story of oppression, activism and revolt is more relevant today than ever, which makes it an unmissable performance for Gerardo.