Purni Morell joins KVS

KVS welcomes a new member of staff. City dramaturge Kristin Rogghe will be welcoming her second child in August, and during her maternity leave Purni Morell will be taking over some of her work. We’re delighted to have Purni join us. We’re sure many already know who she is, but allow us to briefly introduce her anyway.

Purni Morell has certainly chosen the path less trodden in her career so far. After her first experience with theatre – a stint at the literature department of the National Theatre in London under Jack Bradley – she decided to travel the world. She took on work wherever she found it: at a turtle sanctuary, in a Seri Indian fishery in Mexico, on the fields of Aboriginal farmers,… She ended up in the non-profit sector and worked for Shelter and Comic Relief in the UK. From 2007 to 2011 she served as head of studio at the National Theatre Studio, where she led various stage projects.

For the past six years Purni headed up the Unicorn Theatre in London as their artistic director, programming innovative theatre for children and youngsters. After this intense period, she found the time ripe to move to Belgium, where she will be starting an exciting new chapter at KVS.