Prize for best director goes to Naomi Velissariou!

On the 15th of September, the ceremony of thé most important Dutch theatre awards took place in Amsterdam, with a.o. the Louis d’Or for Best Actor and the Theo d’Or for Best Actress. Best Director? Thát award went to the actress and theatre maker Naomi Velissariou for her theatrical music performance Permanent Destruction - The SK Concert.

To say that the jury was raving about it, is an understatement. Their report states the following: 

"Naomi Velissariou is an inspiring example of someone who explores and searches for the boundaries of theatre. The performance ‘Permanent Destruction – The SK Concert’ combines madness and musicality with an alienating sense of beauty. The concept is  tight, clear and elaborated to its utter consequences. The production has its own narrative form and makes a concerted effort to address new audiences. The loose ingredients are layered into an efficient and headstrong narrative. Repertory is entirely bent to the artist’s will. The performance manages to seduce while not shying away from discomfort. The body wants to dance but the mind resists." 

Did you miss Naomi Velissariou’s first performance? Don’t worry, on the 19th of December she will present the second performance of this post-dystopic music theatre trilogy in KVS. Reserve your tickets now and get introduced to the work of this talented theatre maker during Permanent Destruction - The HM Concert.