In two months’ time, we finally present the brand-new five day festival Próximamente, welcoming the very best the Latin-American performing arts have to offer at KVS. The full programme is available now online. Revel in the exuberant offering and make sure to drop by in November.

From 26 November an enthusiastic bunch of Latin-American creators will literally be occupying KVS from top to bottom – from the TOP-room in KVS BOL to the subterranean rehearsal space beneath KVS BOX, and everything in between. Enjoy a mix of thought-provoking performances, showcases, readings and debates. The programme hosts an energetic vibe, vibrant creations and an unsettling look into Latin America today. With big names including Lola Arias, Bonobo, Guillermo Calderón, Sergio Blanco, Josefina Gorostiza, Marianella Morena, Manuela Infante and many more! 

Próximamente differs from other festivals in its close collaboration between the partners. The Latin-American partners and KVS work together like a cooperation. Each partner country presents its own favourites, it is not pushed by another partner to include certain performances in the programme. They each select the creations they consider the most fascinating and representative of the region. Want to learn more? Discover the complete programme now.