Matteo Sedda

Never stop scrolling baby

Sedda was one of four dancers chosen to perform a solo after the open call KVS put out for Just as long as you are there. Never Stop Scrolling Baby is a solo about endless scrolling, the cascade of events, the obese information nation, TikTok culture, the taking down of statues, about hype after hype after hype, about the violence of the multitude of stimuli we are subjected to and take in every day – until we paradoxically don’t have a single grain of identity left.

Matteo Sedda is an Italian performer based in Brussels. He collaborates with various choreographers in Belgium, France and Italy. In 2018 he founded Vitamina with dramaturge Alessandra Ferreri and sound designer Joshua Vanhaverbeke. They describe Vitamina as a house for the performing arts, a lively space where utopian and dreamy ideas arise every day.