Ilyas Mettioui


In Ouragan the Brussels players of Cie Boréal, headed up by Mettioui, bring the story of Abdeslam, a cycling noodle delivery man, on a sleepless night. His name has never been easy to carry – and even less so since yesterday’s events. Alone in his apartment, he sinks into the sofa’s rancid pillows, between smoke and dark thoughts. With a surprising cast of five and a sense of mild absurdity, Cie Boréal manage to capture the unbearable lightness of being in the urban jungle, continuing on the road they started with Contrôle d’identité, a performance in which all certainties in the identity discourse were turned on their heads. 

Ilyas Mettioui is a Brussels artist. He is a Jack of all trades who can work as a writer, actor or director depending on the project. His work as a director is characterised by combining various styles and collaborations. 

He performed in a number of productions by others (including Pericolo felice by Tiago Rodriguez and La vie c’est comme un arbre by M. Allouach), and is currently preparing his next creation Ecume, a trilogy of which the first part is expected in June 2022.

©Karolina Maruszak