Troika is the brand-new collaboration between La Monnaie, Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles and KVS. These three commissioning theatres in Brussels have been working together for a while, but Troika reconfirms and formalises our commitment. 

Together, we have three goals. Firstly, more mobility between our audiences. That’s why we have created the Troika Pass, which gives you a 20% discount on dance performances at our colleagues of Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles or La Monnaie.

Secondly, we want to create a wider base to support all the talented artists who grace our stages. That’s why we join forces for the Partner Projects to produce performances together or to support artists from the other houses.

And finally, the three institutes – all deeply rooted in Brussels, and yet each linked to a different government – want to send out a signal to show that working together across institutional borders is perfectly possible. Because culture can’t be pigeonholed or stopped by physical or imaginary boundaries. Read the full statement by the Troika partners here

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Troika Dance

The most visible component of the Troika initiative is undoubtedly the ambitious joint dance programme. In this programme, the audience can discover the associated artists of the Théâtre National Wallonie- Bruxelles (Michèle Noiret, Taoufiq Izeddiou), La Monnaie (Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Sasha Waltz, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui) and KVS (Peeping Tom, Lisbeth Gruwez, Moya Michael, Wim Vandekeybus, Alesandra Seutin, Sasha Waltz).

The Troika Pass was created specifically for this joint dance programme. You will be able to buy this Pass from the 1st of June, for €9, and it offers a 20% discount on tickets for all performances under the Troika label. You’ll recognise them by the Troika Dance logo. Season ticket holders of any of the three institutions can receive the Pass for free on request. You can buy tickets in the house that has programmed the production.

On show at KVS

On show at La Monnaie / De Munt

On show at théâtre National

Troika Partner Projects

The Partner Projects bring together musical theatre, theatre and youth projects. Several of these are produced together in their entirety – for instance, the world premiere of Le Silence des ombres, commissioned by La Monnaie, will take place at KVS, just like the revival of L’Homme de La Mancha, directed by Junior Mthombeni and Michael De Cock, artistic director of KVS. Meanwhile Fabrice Murgia, his colleague at Théâtre National Wallonie-Bruxelles, will stage La Mémoire des Arbres.

On the occasion of the Trilogy Mozart/Da Ponte, we have invited the young theatre maker Tom Goossens to present his own adaptation of the three Mozart Da Ponte opera’s, spread across the three houses. This partnership between the three Brussels institutions will thus take on different forms, and the Flemish and French-speaking public will be given exciting opportunities to discover the many facets of the Brussels cultural offering.

The Troika Dance discount does not apply for the Partner Projects productions. More information about buying tickets can be found underneath the introduction.

Troika Pass

With a Troika Pass, which costs €9, you get a 20% discount, for these productions exclusively while stock lasts. Season ticket holders of any of the three institutions can receive the Pass for free on request. 

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Where and when can I buy or request my Troika Pass?

The Troika Pass is free for season subscribers on request. They will be invited to order one in the confirmation email for their subscription purchase. Non-subscribers can buy the Troika Pass at the box offices of KVS, Théâtre National and La Monnaie or online via their websites, from 1 June.

Now that I have my Troika Pass, when can I order tickets for Troika Dance performances?

There are two options. If you are a subscription holder of one of the three theatres, you can start buying Troika Dance tickets from all three houses from 1 June.

If you are not a subscription holder at any of the houses, individual ticket sales start on different dates at each theatre: 5 June at KVS, 8 June at La Monnaie and 10 September at Théâtre National.

Why are there so many different dates for ticket sales if I’m not a subscription holder?

Ticket sale start dates for Troika Dance performances coincide with the start of individual ticket sales for the new season at each theatre, and we each have different launch dates. We understand that this is a little complicated, so we’ll send every Troika Pass holder a reminder when individual ticket sales at each house start. We are looking into whether we can offer a unified sales method from next season.

How can I use my Troika Pass to order Troika Dance tickets?

Go to the website of the theatre that programmes the performance(s) of your choice and create an account with the same email address that you use for your KVS account. That way, if you ordered a Troika Pass at KVS, the other systems will recognise you as a pass holder and grant you the 20% discount automatically when you order tickets.

Why can’t I order all my Troika Dance tickets in one house?

That would be much more convenient, but for now our ticketing systems don’t allow this. We are looking into whether we can remedy this for next season.

What do I do if a Troika Dance performance is sold out?

That can happen. We keep a number of tickets per performance reserved for Troika Pass holders, but those seats will sell out fast for popular performances. We would advise you to order tickets as soon as possible after they become available. Our websites will always indicate clearly which performances are sold out. It is useful to check the list before you order your Troika Pass to decide whether or not the purchase is advantageous.

Can I get a discount on last-minute tickets at the door on the night of the performance with my Troika Pass?

Unfortunately not, please order your Troika Dance tickets in advance, even if it’s on the day. You can do so online, or by calling our box office at 02 210 11 12. The box office is open Tuesday to Friday between 12pm and 7pm; it’s closed during weekends, holidays and between 1 and 28 July.

Can I buy tickets for Troika Dance performances during the summer holidays?

If you already have a Troika Pass, you can keep ordering tickets. If you order a Troika Pass between 30 June and 19 August, you will only be able to buy Troika Dance tickets at KVS and La Monnaie from 21 August, and from 10 September at Théâtre National. For next season we are looking into a new payment system that will allow all Troika Pass holders to order tickets throughout the summer holidays.

How do you process my personal details?

In order to activate the Troika Discount at all three houses, we share your name, email and language of preference with Théâtre National and La Monnaie. Your personal details will only be used for Troika Pass-related communication and will not be passed on to third parties.

What if I bought a Troika Pass and still can’t get a discount at one of the other houses?

This shouldn’t be the case, but since this is our first Troika season, it’s always possible that something goes awry. In that case, please email us at or call 02 210 11 12. The box office is open Tuesday to Friday between 12pm and 7pm; it’s closed during weekends, holidays and between 1 and 28 July.

We hope you will enjoy your Troika Pass. With this pass, we want to invite you to have a taste of the offering at our neighbouring houses, Théâtre National and La Monnaie.

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