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Latin America presents a powerful,
surprising selection of performances in Brussels.

26.11.2019 > 30.11.2019

Próximamente means ‘coming soon’, but at the same time refers to proximity. In this unique programme we transfer the reality and energy of the Latin American performing arts to Brussels. It's a window on the region, through some of the most relevant festivals, theatres and organisations from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Brazil - with whom KVS has been working for a while. 

Próximamente is not a festival like any other. Here, the various countries work together – like a cooperative. No partner imposes its choices on the others, as often happens, and the partnering countries each propose their favourite performances, selecting the pieces they consider the most engaging or typical of the region. KVS has the first honour of hosting this innovative festival in Brussels. With Rubios by Grupo Krapp, Dragón by Guillermo Calderón – who treated KVS to the gripping Mateluna last year –  and La Ira de Narciso by Sergio Blanco, the public will be treated to three unmissable works. Each one introduces you to a different side of Latin-American mastery: from dance to political intrigue to a mysterious journey through the self.

But Próximamente is more than that. This five-day festival full of performances, showcases, readings and debates is a unique chance for professionals from all over Europe to meet up-and-coming talent from South America in one place. KVS will be hosting dramaturgs, arts programmers, critics and many other professionals to facilitate welcome cross-pollination between our two spheres. Some of these showcases will also be open to the public, letting you discover the most surprising artists conquering Latin-American stages today.

With Lola Arias, Sergio Blanco, Bonobo, Gabriel Calderón, Guillermo Calderón, E Quem é Gosta?, Paula González, Josefina Gorostiza, Grupo Krapp, Manuela Infante, Marianella Morena, Marina Otero, Lisandro Rodríguez and Marta Soares you can be sure to expect a lively vibe, energetic creations and a stunning inside view of contemporary Latin America. Hungry or thirsty? Pop into the festival centre – Café Brazza – where catering will be provided throughout.









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