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B**** & Azad

B**** & Azad

Yipoon Chiem & Lila Magnin / KVS

13.04.2022 20:30 - 22:15


"I remember a train journey,
 I'm sitting on my mother's lap...
Somewhere in a wagon,
There are controllers of the regime...
My mother 
makes an attempt
to ensure 
It will be a betrayal 
my mixed equal 
This means 
from the station
we are going to disappear in a death camp for good
That's when She makes me dizzy. 
I'm still young and I don't understand what's going on. 
But I understood that
the train 
is not contested 
in my life. 
a Buddhist monk
murdered by his disciple, 
accompanies us 
during the long journey... . 
he guides us through my mother's dreams...!!
My brother says 
that it’s "Thanks to our mother 
that we have survived"
We've arrived somewhere
There is a relief 
the fear fades away, 
I observe smiles, 
Then I learned that:
happy people  
this is important.
I learned that make people happy, this is important
And I learn that there is good and bad people, 
But the thing I never learn
How to make the different between both of them.


Fucking son of a bitch!
Whore !
Slut! Bitch .. Fat bitch.
Bitch !! Whore.
Anyway, I'm still a bitch, I'm a woman no, I'm still a bitch!
A sled dog
A slut, a mother id like to fuck! whore(bitch)whore(bitch)  whore(bitch)  .... TRIPLE BITCHES !!! ??! YES ! I want to throw it all up, I don't want to be silent anymore !!!
Damn, fucking his mother the whore!
You're a bitch pff a whore.
How beautiful is this little girl! but anyway, it is a FUTUR bitch yes!
Even I say damn !!
In the name of the little whore, the great whore and the holy whore !!
Behind each smile hides moments of pain.
And you ?...
What is behind your “Whore!”?
Eh ?


Well, thats me,
Come on! stop smiling! why you smile?!
come on, tell them
Tell them what's going on in your head
Tell them that you are lost
But if you're not lost  then u you smile?
Your smile is hiding something?
Tell them
go ahead
Tell them you take yourself like shit
Tell them you cry every night
Tell them you don't know who you are anymore
come on!
You wanna smile again now
It makes you smile less, eh
But where do you want to hide
They are all there watching you (,
They're waiting for a few things, aren't they?)
Give them, give them !!!
Or you still want to smile,
Now they know that you are hiding something
Go explode
Show them your real face
Show them where you come from
Where do you shut up 
We taught you to shut up
We taught you to please
Then go
You're happy?
Happy? Eh?
Where are you from ,
Do not forget where you come from
You are not from here
It can be seen
Look at your eyes
look at your skin n look at your face n look at your body
Who are you ?
why are you hiding?
you want to cry now
 But why are you here?
You wanted to get closer to the dark.
So walk to the end of the tunnel in this black hole
You hear me?
I know you hear me but you don't listen to me ..
I am your friend…..

© Stanislav Dobak