Coloured Swans


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​​Moya Michael / Tracey Rose 

In KhoiSwan Moya Michael and visual artist Tracey Rose explore their shared roots and heritage. They investigate where they stand today, as women of colour and descendants of the Khoi, an indigenous people who lived in the area of South Africa currently known as the province Western Cape. Dance and performance meld with video, song and text in this poetic journey.

​​'Khoiswan is strikingly layered and textured. Using the tools of text, sound, movement, and visuals, Michael and Rose interlace historical knowledge, a subtle critique of postcolonial discourse, and body politics of exoticism and eroticism.'

​​- The Critter -

​​Moya Michael / David Hernandez 

Dancer and choreographer David Hernandez has been living and working in Belgium for over 25 years, and is a leading voice in the dance world. Eldorado stems from his personal experiences as a citizen of the United States, of Latino descent, and as an immigrant performer in Europe. His story is the springboard for a wider narrative of hybridisation and ‘in-betweenism’.

“Coloured Swan 2: Eldorado imbeds interconnected subject matter including sexuality, religion, race, and migration in a tangible, seamless manner. This feat was achieved through the act of revealing the crossroads where intersections of identity converge with much larger, socio, political, historical narratives.”

- Isaiah Lopaz

​​Moya Michael / AnAku & KVS 

Coloured Swans 3: Harriet’s reMix is a dance performance that forms the third part in Moya Michael’s Coloured Swans series. For this piece, Moya collaborates with four young creatives – Loucka Fiagan, Oscar Cassamajor, Milo Slayers and Zen Jefferson – and investigates the future in relation to the past and the present. These young performers represent the future, carrying with them visions of hope and alternative worlds, while also maintaining a dialogue with their ancestors. A sub-Saharan African proverb says that we stand on the shoulders of giants. But what if we cannot tap into the greatness of our ancestors to guide us safe and sound into the future? 

'What comes out of the process is a fully authentic performance. It feels like coming home, like something that connects me.'

- Sibo Kanobana


In this podcast the four performers discuss mixed heritage, their stances on Black Lives Matter and what Afrofuturism means to them.

Live recording 

Live recording on demand via saskia.lienard@kvs.be (programmers)
or nadia.verbeeck@kvs.be (press).

Coloured Swan 1: Khoiswan https://vimeo.com/302583279
Coloured Swan 2: Eldorado https://vimeo.com/302583949
Coloured Swan 3: Harriet's reMix: https://vimeo.com/506273585

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