On Saturday 25 November, KVS will be swimming in … spaghetti. Our resident chef Simon will be chopping veggies like crazy, stirring pounds of mince and grating cheese like his life depends on it. All this effort for a delectably charitable portion of bolognese to support the Brussel Helpt charity drive. This year, the beneficiary is the NGO Street Nurses. 
This isn’t just any spaghetti. It’s spaghetti with a purpose: to support Bruzz’ yearly charity drive, Brussel Helpt. This year, Bruzz is collecting donations for NGO Street Nurses. This social-medical organisation has developed a tried-and-tested method based on hygiene and health in order to create a bond with the most vulnerable unhoused people in our society. The ultimate goal: to help them find stable, long-term housing.
Street Nurses has teams that roam the streets, teams that go on home visits to rehoused persons, and a team that searches for or helps create housing. They also organise activities aimed at raising awareness and lobbying for structural solutions to end homelessness in Brussels, Liège and elsewhere. All with the support of Brussel Helpt.
We are more than happy to contribute a noodle of our own and we hope you’re hungry enough to put in your order. You can reserve your portion(s) soon via the Brussel Helpt website. And on Saturday 25 November, between 5pm and 8pm, you can come and gobble it up at KVS café (Quai aux Pierres de Taille 9). Bon appétit!