Synchronization Practice – Lara Ferrari Tummma & Josefina Imfeld

Synchronization Practice proposes a sensitive methodology for the encounter, it is a performance that takes place simultaneously in Belgium and Argentina. It arises from the desire to search for ways of linking imaginaries in a sensitive way when they are far apart. In it, dance becomes a matter of magic where the limits of presence are twisted through choreographic rituals. From listening, transmission and resonance this performance seeks to generate alternative means of communication and creation at distance. 

A practice that invites the audience to create a space where the idea of presence is questioned, making room for other modes of existence and communication, a place to embrace imagination as a possibility to bend reality. At this moment, and supported by the National Founds of Arts Argentina, we are in the process of creating a book that gathers different moments and materials of the research and that is also thought of as a manual.

Métodos de supervivencia is a collective that since 2017 brings together Lara Ferrari Tummma and Josefina Imfeld and is currently based in Argentina and Belgium. Their research is born from the commitment to think affect and sensitive practices as a policy that enables dissimilar perceptive modes and builds other ways of relating to each other and to the environment. In 2019 Lara migrated to Europe and since then they have been developing a series of practices of remote & fragile encounters. 

Their work has been shown in Kunsthaus (Zurich), Nos en vera (Buenos Aires), Hotel inminente (Córdoba), La Mansa Mansión (Córdoba), Local de Artes Recientes (Buenos Aires), Munar Arte (Buenos Aires), Jóvenes Creadores (Uruguay), among others. Synchronization Practice counts with the support of the Metropolitan Founds of Arts (ARG 2022)