Theatre during the coronavirus

We are using space and time in new ways and have completely reimagined our programme to ensure a corona-proof year. New ways of showing and experiencing. It is possible. Sure, it will be different from before. In quantity and size, but no less intense or passionate, and with just as much talent and quality. 

Together against Covid-19

To ensure everyone’s safety during the first performances of the season, we are strictly following the imposed government measures. Measures for worry-free KVS visits:

  • At KVS BOL and BOX, in a zone around the performers, seats or bubbles are always spaced one seat apart.
  • On the square behind KVS BOL - in open air - we created a new and safe stage.
  • KVS will provide hand-sanitising gel. 
  • Every visitor is obliged to wear a mouth mask, out of respect for the people around you. Please be sure to bring your own mask and wear it correctly. The attending staff will check this.
  • For each order we ask for contact details of everyone who comes along. This is required by the government to make contact tracing possible. The data will be removed 30 days after the performance.
  • If you have experienced any symptoms or felt sick in the last 7 days, please stay home.

Security measures

When you arrive

  • The performance will start promptly. Please arrive 30 minutes before the start time to avoid congestion at the door. Latecomers will not be admitted. 
  • The cloakroom and lockers are unavailable. You can bring your coat and/or bag into the venue and put it on the empty chairs between social bubbles. 
  • The front of house staff will guide you to your seats one social bubble at a time. 

During the performance

  • All tickets are unnumbered. We leave a seat between the bubbles.
  • Things can cool down quickly at night or it might rain, please bring a warm sweater or rain jacket.
  • Please do not open umbrellas in case of rain, as this will hinder visibility for other visitors. We provide ponchos.

After the performance

  • Please leave the theatre following the indications from front of house staff and keep your distance. 
  • Before and after the performance you can have a drink at our pop-up bar De Servante.

Brussels Health Safety Label

KVS obtained the Brussels Health Safety Label, a logo that shows that the organisation makes every effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

© Lien De Trogh

Adapted ticket pricing

During KVS BREAKS OUT, our ticket prices are different than usual. For all performances between mid-August and mid-October, the fixed price is €20. But we temporarily created a new discount. If you could use some help, simply select the KVS BREAKS OUT discount when you order (€15 per ticket). No questions asked – any reason is valid for KVS. We simply hope you enjoy some hard-earned theatre time.

The standard prices and discounts apply to performances between mid-October and the end of December.

You can buy one or multiple tickets for each performance. If you buy multiple tickets, we will consider your party as part of the same social bubble and seat you together. If you prefer being seated according to social distancing rules, please book your tickets separately.

If you booked a ticket for a performance and it is cancelled at the last minute due to new Covid-19 measures imposed by the government, KVS guarantees a full refund for your ticket or the option to exchange your ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our visitors have lots of questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequent ones:

What precautions is KVS taking against Coronavirus?
We have organized separate entrances and exits. In both theatres (KVS BOL and KVS BOX) we leave a seat between different bubbles. Our ushers will guide you to your seat.

Can I sit next to my partner/child/friends?
There will be single seats, love seats (2 people), and seats in groups for people who belong to the same bubble. This means the audience can sit in small, safe bubbles.

Does the KVS BREAKS OUT reduction apply to me?
We’re offering temporary corona-discounts to people who have been affected by the coronacrisis, including:

  • Essential workers (public transport, emergency services, health workers, teachers, carers, distribution & food sectors etc.)
  • People who have lost their business or gone bankrupt
  • People who have lost jobs
  • People suffering mentally or physically as a result

We are happy for you to decide for yourself whether you are eligible. If you are under 26, you can enjoy our discounts for young people.

I’ve bought a ticket but the show is being/has been canceled. Will I get my money back?
Absolutely, yes. If we have to cancel more performances, all tickets will be refunded straight away.

How can I stay informed?
If there are new developments, we’ll share those via our web site, mailing list, and social media. You can also call us on +32 (0)2 210 11 00 or email