More on the plays

Introductions & aftertalks 

  • KVS regularly offers introductions and aftertalks for (new) productions.
  • A dramaturge and/or artist will provide an explanation about the performance.
  • Introductions at KVS BOL start at 7.10pm and usually take place in the bar on the fifth floor. At KVS BOX introductions start at 7.40pm at Brazza.
  • Aftertalks take place immediately after the performance in the relevant auditorium.
  • Introductions and aftertalks are free, but spaces are usually limited.

Podcast KVS en route

KVS is jumping on the podcasting bandwagon! We are happy to introduce KVS en route, a podcast that wants to serve as a wayfinder through some of our KVS creations. On your way to or from the performance, it whispers lots of extra knowledge into your ear. You can find us on your favourite podcast channel or click here

Depending on the artist, we produce our podcast in Dutch, French or English. The language will therefore vary, but we will always mention which language you can expect.


As you enter the theatre, a free programme sheet will be available. This sheet contains some contextual info about the production, as well as the credits.